Teeny Peanut Adoption Designs

We help find you a baby with eye-catching adoption profile and outreach materials
...and we joyously share his/her homecoming with adoption announcements.



Teeny Peanut™ Designs is here to meet all of your adoption design needs, making your personality and style shine through to get you noticed in your adoption baby search. We offer one-stop creative services and have written the eBook Teeny Peanut™ Insightful Adoption Ideas to help you market yourself and effectively find your teeny peanut. And once your adoption is completed, we'll design the perfect adoption announcement to share the exciting news of your teeny peanut's homecoming! The profits from this website will help fund the adoption of a special needs chid who is waiting to be adopted by a loving family.

Adoption profile books, letters and websites

For a domestic open adoption, you face the challenge of finding an expectant mother and getting selected amongst a sea of other adoptive parents. With our extensive design and marketing experience, we help you stand out in the crowd and develop the adoption profile book, letter and/or website to reflect your personality and style. You can choose from our vast Design Library or request a unique, original design developed just for you. Review our Adoption Profile & Outreach Design Options to see what design strategy fits your needs.

Adoption marketing materials

To find an expectant mother, you can go down many different paths through outreach efforts. We offer designs for specific adoption outreach materials to help in your search. Again, you can choose from our creative Design Library or request a unique, original design.

Teeny Peanut™ Insightful Adoption Ideas eBook

Teeny Peanut Insightful Adoption Ideas

Putting together your adoption profile and adoption marketing materials can be a challenge, however there are some tried and true concepts that can help you clearly relay your message and positively reflect your life. Our 80-page eBook, Teeny Peanut Insightful Adoption Ideas, will give you many insights to develop the best adoption profile materials possible and to explore adoption outreach ideas. Additionally, it includes "Getting Started Worksheets" to get your information organized and prioritized. It is included for FREE with the purchase of an adoption profile book, letter or website; you can also purchase it independently to get you on your way.


Teeny Peanut Adoption Design Blog

We believe in sharing our expertise and ideas to help you with your adoption process. Visit our Teeny Peanut Blog to get some ideas and tips from not only ourselves but also from others who have been in your same position. We encourage you to share your two cents' worth to further support adoptive parents.

Coming home adoption announcements

Congratulations! Your dreams just came true with the completion of your adoption. Now you want to share your exciting news with the world. We offer an extensive line of fun, sweet, hip and clever coming home adoption announcement designs for peanuts of all ages coming from anywhere in the world.

Why Use Us...in a Peanut Shell

Greeny PeanutTeeny Peanut Designs are created by the established design and marketing firm of Greta Sebald Creative, Inc. So the adoption designs not only reflect the creative perspective of GS Creative, you'll also benefit from the marketing expertise gained from years of experience. For every adoptive parent, we'll create a custom, professional design to meet your needs, and we'll also clean up your photos to ensure you look your best.


We believe in giving back, too. So, a portion of every design fee we earn goes to Fill a Mind & Heart, a non-profit organization helping children in Ethiopia. We also take care of mother earth with our Greeny Peanut Promise, our committment to using environmentally friendly materials for all printing.