Adoption Profile Books and Letters

When uniquely designed and prepared with thought, an adoption introduction letter and
adoption profile book can quickly make a positive impression to stand out amongst others.

In starting the domestic adoption process, you'll most likely need to develop an introduction letter (aka Birthmother letter) and adoption profile book. Every adoption agency and organization has different requirements which may be anything from a single-page letter to a 12-page profile book. The idea is to put together information about your life and what your adoption wishes are so expectant mothers can review them. It is meant as an introduction to you with the hopes that it will lead to a conversation or face-to-face meeting. Because there are so many people in your position to find an expectant mother, it's important to find ways that make you stand out and make a memorable first impression. Whatever your needs are, we can create an eye-catching design to make that ever-important first impression last.


With the purchase of an adoption introduction letter or adoption profile book, you will receive the Teeny Peanut Insightful Ideas eBook for FREE ($9.99 value) which will provide many suggestions on the content and photography for your adoption profile materials, maximizing their impact. It even includes interactive worksheets to help you get started and organize your thoughts.

Profile Letters

1- and 2-page Adoption Introduction Letters

Adoption introduction letters need to be succinct, informative and straight to the point. You may have room for a photo in a 1-page letter or a number of photos for 2-page letters. It's important to keep your thoughts organized and laid out in an easy-to-follow design. We can take your introduction letter to expectant mothers/parents and give them flare and character to quickly grab their attention.


Adoption Profile Books

Aoption profile books give you a great opportunity to tell your story and share photos of your life. You are able to elaborate beyond just the initial letter, so you can give details and share insights that aren't available in the shorter version. Take advantage of your opportunity to include photos and let them help you tell your story. Be sure to put some thought into the layout of the book to ensure they can easily be followed and quickly convey your points. Be careful not to overwhelm your reader but keep everything simple and from your heart. Our design services help you to give life to the stories and photos you provide and present them in an appealing, personal way. We'll even clean up your photos for you to guarantee you look your best!

Profile Books


Design Pricing

The design fees for adoption introduction letters and adoption profile books below reflect using an existing design from our Design Library. It includes the photo manipulation for all of the photos used. If you prefer to have an Original Design, contact us and we will give you a quote for an original design.

Below are the design fees for the adoption profile letters and books - they include a FREE copy of the Teeny Peanut Insightful Ideas eBook.

    • 1-page design - $89

    • 2-page design - $149

    • 4-page design - $249

    • 8-page design - $449

    • 12-page design - $649

    • Charge to make additional changes/updates - $75/hour


Greeny PeanutWe offer the simplicity of our one-stop service by providing quality printing for you. You can see all of the printing options and prices when you view a specific design or go to our Printing Specs page. We're proud to incorporate a commitment to environmentally friendly printing called Greeny Peanut Promise in which we use recycled paper and soy-based inks. You also have the option to not get your item(s) printed or to get your own printing. With each item you order, you'll receive a low-resolution PDF file (150 dpi) that is ideal for e-mailing or to add to a website. And if you don't order printing through us, you'll also receive a second high-resolution PDF file (300 dpi) complete with 1/8" bleed and crop marks.