Adoption marketing and design expertise

Founded in 1995, Greta Sebald Creative, Inc. offers graphic design and
marketing expertise. As a result, our goal is to be creatively effective.

Greta Sebald Creative, Inc.Greta Sebald Creative, Inc. (GS Creative) was originally founded by Greta Sebald to embark on a new adventure, best utilize her skills, creatively challenge herself and have more control over her life. Taking her marketing experience from both the for- and non-profit sectors, MBA in marketing, eye for design and creative thinking, Greta branched out on her own in 1995 to start the graphic design firm. GS Creative quickly became a one-stop shop for businesses - large and small - with their inter-related services and successful track record. We provide the creative and grounded foundation for all of the Teeny Peanut Designs.


Graphic Design

Our driving force at GS Creative is graphic design and the creative approach towards each concept, design and execution. We believe graphic design is more than simply making something appeal to the eye. Before we begin any project, we use our listening and marketing skills to ensure we know our clients, where they have been and where they want to go. Then with that foundation of information we apply our creativity to develop effective materials. When required, we even create original illustrations to meet our clients' needs. Over the years we have developed everything from a simple business card to complete corporate branding identity programs.


Marketing Expertise

We believe our marketing expertise is the foundation for the graphic design services. Our ability to understand the goals and objectives, define the target audience and communicate the message is the key to developing positive results. While GS Creative focuses primarily on graphic design, we always approach every project from a marketing perspective to ensure that it's not only creative but it also appeals to the target audience.


Working Partners

At GS Creative, we like to view ourselves as an extension of our clients' businesses as we have a vested interest in their success. That's why we refer to our clients as working partners. And we base our success on the success of our working partners. Since the beginning, GS Creative has had more than 60 working partners of all sizes in a variety of industries, including:


    • Bobcat

    • Boys & Girls Club

    • Coldwell Banker Burnet

    • HealthPartners

    • Northwest Airlines

    • Owens Corning

    • Target Stores

    • United Way

Organizational Goal

While we pride ourselves on our creativity, we also rely on our varied skills to ensure the final result is effective. So, you can see why our organizational goal is to be creatively effective.


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