Adoption Profile Materials

To get catch the attention of those you know...and those you want to know, we develop
adoption marketing and outreach materials to help spread the word about your desire to adopt.

In the adoption marketing process, the idea is to tell as many people as possible about your desire to adopt. Some efforts target people you know and other efforts try to reach people you don't know but may come in contact with expectant mothers.


We have designed a number of adoption outreach items that can be helpful in your adoption marketing efforts. You can see all of the items listed below in our Design Library with each design applied. If you have ideas for something not shown such as an ad or want it created with an original design, just let us know, and we'll design it just for you.

Adoption Profile Websites

Adoption Profile Website

An adoption profile website serves a dual purpose by acting as an adoption profile source as well as an adoption outreach avenue in which people can find you online. With an adoption profile website, you're available 24/7 and to anyone anywhere. You have a great opportunity to tell your story and show many photos while reflecting your personality and style. With our websites, we offer you not only impressive designs but also a great value with a FREE domain name and FREE unlimited hosting. You can get more information at our Adoption Profile Websites page. Additionally, we list every website we design on our site which is a directory of waiting adoptive parents. It is yet again another source for expectant mothers to find you online. Our adoption profile websites give you a great value while providing you with wide exposure, convenience and a memorable look.


Business Cards

Introduction Cards (aka Business Cards)

Introduciton cards aren't used just for business. They are a great way to introduce yourself, inform people of your adoption search and relay all of your key contact information. Every time you see someone, be sure to give them an introduction card or include several with every mailing you send. To really make the card personal, include a photo(s) of yourself because you never know who it will be passed on to! It makes a warm and personal visual introduction. Remember the back of the card can be used for very little additional money; it allows for more information or photos. Our adoption outreach designs really help you get your personality across in a quick view, so people will know this isn't just any ordinary card.

Adoption Outreach Letter or Postcard

You never know who may be pregnant and looking for adoptive parents...or who may know someone looking for adoptive parents. It's a great idea to send an adoption outreach letter or postcard to everyone you know or who you would like to know, expressing your desire to find an expectant mother. The outreach letter gives you the opportunity to tell your story, share your dreams and make a heartfelt appeal for help along with a photo or two. They are particularly useful to send to those who may come in contact with expectant mothers.

Outreach Letters and Postcards

The outreach postcards are a better choice if you're looking for a quick way to announce your adoption plans and your appeal for help. A photo is also encouraged to make it personal, and be sure to include your contact information, directing them to your adoption profile website if you have one. With our adoption outreach designs, you'll be able to easily incorporate your style, reinforce the positive view people already have of you and stand out in a stack of everyday mail.


Custom Letterhead


If you would like to create individual, personalized letters or stand out in a mail campaign, then customized letterhead will help to make an instant impression of your style and character before even reading a single word! With our many adoption outreach designs, you just need to pick out your design and provide your contact information to get the process started.

Design Pricing

The design fees for adoption outreach materials below reflect using an existing design from our Design Library. It includes the photo manipulation for all of the photos used. If you prefer to have an Original Design, contact us and we will give you a quote for an original design.

Below are the design fees for the adoption outreach materials:

    Introduction Cards

    • 1-sided design - $35

    • 2-sided design - $59

    Outreach Letter

    • 1-sided design - $89

    Outreach Postcard

    • 2-sided design - $109


    • 1-sided design - $35

    • Charge to make additional changes/updates - $75/hour


Greeny PeanutWe offer the simplicity of our one-stop service by providing quality printing for you. You can see all of the printing options and prices when you view a specific design or visiting our Printing page. We're proud to incorporate a commitment to environmentally friendly printing called Greeny Peanut Promise in which we use recycled paper and soy-based inks. You also have the option to not get your item(s) printed or to get your own printing. With each item you order, you'll receive a low-resolution PDF file (150 dpi) that is ideal for e-mailing or to add to a website. And if you don't order printing through us, you'll also receive a second high-resolution PDF file (300 dpi) complete with 1/8" bleed and crop marks.