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One of the biggest challenges facing parents in developing their profile and outreach materials is knowing where to start and what to include. Most likely you're still tuckered out from the pile of forms and paperwork to start the process and complete the home study. The major task of putting together the introduction (aka "birth mother") letter, profile materials and an outreach plan of action can be exhausting.


Teeny Peanut Profile & Outreach TipsTo help you get started and to develop the most effective materials, we created the Teeny Peanut Profile & Outreach Tips book. It's 25 pages (8.5" x 11") and filled with tips, ideas and food for thought in the areas of:


To get your electronic version of Teeny Peanut Profile & Outreach Tips, there are two ways of going about it:


To order a Teeny Peanut Profile & Outreach Tips, click on the order button below. You'll receive an invoice via e-mail. Once paid, the book will be e-mailed to you in a secure PDF format. It's that simple.

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Tips book is included FREE with each website and profile letter/book ordered.

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