We are so thrilled to help build families through adoption and to announce their exciting news.
We'd like to share some of the comments we've received from happy families.




There is nothing more rewarding than to help an individual, couple or family expand their family through adoption. We're so honored to have helped everyone that we've worked with. We're proud to be able to share some of the kind remarks made by happy parents.


"I was asked by Greta Sebald to write a short testimonial for Teeny Peanut Designs, and it is with great pleasure I do so. I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of making my adoption profile. I didn't know where to begin. Then I turned to Greta at Teeny Peanut Designs, and I knew immediately I was in good hands.

Linda Cover

I can't say enough good things about working with Greta and Teeny Peanut Designs. She far exceeded my expectations in developing my profile book. I would probably still be waiting to be selected if it wasn't for Greta's help. Greta created an impressive and professional profile that really stood out amongst the many other profiles the expectant mothers viewed. I'm confident the design and her assistance in creating it played a big part in being selected, as I was the only single parent listed amongst a large number of couples! And from what my expectant mother had said, the profile had really done a great job of highlighting the key reasons she decided to choose me.

With Greta's guidance, she completely turned around my initial attempt at a profile, making it not only very attractive to young expecting mothers, but high quality and engaging. She created a one-of-a-kind design for me and totally nailed my style and personality! I absolutely loved the design and the way she laid everything out! Greta is a very insightful, creative and reliable person. She always gave me honest and helpful feedback. She has a lot of marketing expertise which is what I needed, and yet she never forgot this was a very personal project to which she brought a high degree of sensitivity. I found trying to develop the profile on my own to be very challenging and discouraging. Through the Teeny Peanut

Adoption Ideas eBook, I got a lot of great ideas on getting started, how to approach the profile, what photos to include, how to figure out the impression I wanted to make and how to do some outreach on my own. She carefully reviewed everything that I provided and gave me an objective and constructive viewpoint to make my profile more effective in describing my life and appealing to expectant mothers. And she did it all within the quick timeframe that she promised!

Because Greta has been through the adoption process herself and has had a biological child, I really felt Greta understood both sides of the adoption process. She thought of approaches and solutions that I never would have come up with. Her optimistic and upbeat attitude helped to keep me hopeful and excited. Having Greta do the profile for me energized me during an exhausting process, saved me a ton of time and frustration, and reduced my stress level. It was so convenient to have her take care of everything. She reassured me that I was on the right track, and made me feel as though I wasn't all alone in this overwhelming process. Working with Greta was one of the few highlights of the adoption process. I can't wait to work with Greta again. She'll be designing my coming home announcements for my daughter!"


Linda J.

Seattle, WA


Piper's AnnouncementUpdate: "I'm absolutely thrilled to have my daughter, Piper, home with me now. Of course I wanted to share the exciting news about her arrival, so the first call I made was to Greta. Once again, she came up with a wonderful design that reflected what I wanted and the season I was making the announcement (Christmas). She has again impressed me with her ability to capture this amazing event. Thank you!"


"When my husband and I decided to adopt, we knew very little to nothing about the process, and almost immediately started doing research. While it was overwhelming wading through the vast amount of information on the subject, one thing became clear as it pertained to domestic infant adoption – we needed to come up with a plan to market ourselves. 

Michael, Elizabeth & MorganI can't remember how we initially came across the "Teeny Peanut" name, but after our first contact with Greta, she stood out right away. "Motivated," "energetic," and "organized" are just a few words that come to mind. Most importantly, though, it was apparent right away that Greta was full of wonderful ideas.

Michael, Elizabeth & Morgan When we decided we were ready to put together our website, Greta gave us a copy of her book, "Insightful Adoption Ideas." We read through the book first, taking note of specific ideas and tips pertaining to both our website and profile, as well as marketing ourselves in general. I have to say that "Insightful Adoption Ideas" was definitely an added bonus to working with Greta.

After we chose the design for our website, put together the text and photos, and submitted all of the information to Greta, she had the website up and running in less than a week! We were thrilled with the quality of the website as well as the speed with which Greta responded to our needs and executed the final product. 

Michael, Elizabeth & Morgan Greta was also very flexible when working with us. After we saw the website's final product, we decided that we wanted to use Greta's services to create our profile book for the adoption agency we are working with. Greta was able to take our website, photo album and all, and convert it to a beautiful 10-page profile book. I couldn't be more pleased with our book, and I am just sure that it will allow us to stand out to expectant moms looking at our profile. 

The bottom line is that I would recommend Teeny Peanut's services to anyone looking for an amazing and creative professional to assist in any adoption marketing efforts." 


Michael, Elizabeth & Morgan


Update: As Michael, Elizabeth & Morgan continue on their journey, their parting words were: "You have been nothing but fantastic and I will recommend you to anyone that comes my way!! You are very talented and genuine, and I appreciate all you have done for us!"

Tyana's announcement

Fraoul's announcement

"We met Greta prior to our first adoption of Tyana from Ethiopia. Greta was so knowledgeable about Ethiopia that she helped to prepare us for the amazing adventure that was ahead. We have now adopted two children from Ethiopia, and we had Teeny Peanut Designs create a special adoption announcement for both Tyana and Fraol. We are so pleased with the outcomes and how the designs captured their personalities! Greta's suggestion to tell the children's story about their coming home journey was a great idea. Because they were older children at the time of the adoption, it was a nice way to tell about the kids and introduce them to people. Working with Greta was a real pleasure....she was genuinely excited about our adoptions. It was honestly like working with a friend. Thank you, Greta, for making these joyous events even more special!"

Tom and Nikki S.

Angora, MN

Lukas Christmas Lukas's announcement

"Greta was a pleasure to work with on our announcement card. She helped us to customize a unique card that combined an announcement of our child's birth with a holiday card celebrating the season. We shared our vision with her and she turned it into a reality, improving on our initial idea beyond our expectations. She also is well connected and found a local printer who could handle our specific order in no time. The card was beautiful as was the entire experience of working with Greta. We look forward to working with her in the future. Thank you, Greta!"

Anja and Chris S.
St. Paul, MN

"Hello! We are Brian and Tracy and we had just started this journey they call Adoption. Fresh out of class I was going to write the website, book and 'business card' all myself because I am picky that way, and it all had to be cohesive. Then one night I had sat down to start. Wait, I had no idea where to start. I don't do websites, I don't do writing very well, how am I going to make a good first impression??


Brian and Tracy Then I turned to Google. I came across some different design sites that haven't been updated in awhile, and then I found Teeny Peanut Designs. I loved the website and saw myself using them. The next morning, however, I emailed my contact from the Agency and she sent me back two different design services; one was Teeny Peanut, one was another. I knew what Teeny Peanut was about, so I checked the other site and needless to say I came right back to Teeny Peanut! Her site was so fresh and fun!

Brian and Tracy

I emailed and became friends with Greta - she is awesome! Even though we have never met face to face, it feels like we are friends as we clicked right away. Our theme was new to her but she took control and came through better than I had ever imagined. Our site is so fresh and welcoming - it is simply us! We love the way she was patient for me to take all the pics and backgrounds for our site. But as soon as I sent them, she had changed the pages right away. We were very precise on the feel of the site, and she brought it to life. We know this has given us the best first impression, and we hope to be holding our teeny peanut soon!


We could not be any happier on how things turned out and will definitely use her services again. We will always refer people her way; she is very professional, supportive, and she knows how to present you in the way that matters most!


Thank you Greta. We will always be grateful!"


Brian and Tracy S.

Little Falls, MN