Adoption marketing and design expertise

With adoption marketing and graphic design experience, Teeny Peanut Designs
develops effective adoption materials to help at every phase of the process.

Beautifully combining the professional design and marketing skills of Greta Sebald Creative, Inc. along with personal adoption experience, Teeny Peanut Designs offers a valuable and unique service to those involved with domestic adoption. We have an understanding of what is required in the adoption process, an appreciation for what you are going through and the compassion to help you do what we can to bring your little peanut home. By retaining Teeny Peanut Designs' services, you invest not only in your future, but in your child's future, too.

From a Professional Perspective


As unpersonal as it may seem, it is necessary to "market" yourself in the domestic adoption process to make you look your best, highlight your positive attributes, share your desires and dreams, reflect your style and make you stand out, getting noticed amongst the many other parents looking to adopt. By retaining Teeny Peanut Designs to develop your adoption profile and outreach materials, we offer many valuable benefits:


• We create professional, custom and eye-catching adoption profile and outreach materials to reflect your style and personality. We will help you stand out in a sea of other adoptive parents, increasing your odds of being contacted by expectant mothers.


• We provide valuable and insightful tips and ideas on putting together your adoption profile and outreach materials through our Teeny Peanut Blog and Teeny Peanut Insightful Ideas book. They make your starting point easier and final outcome more effective.


• We'll take the burden off of your shoulders to get the necessary and impressive materials done for you in the easiest way possible and in a timely period. We will guide you through the process and provide you with honest, constructive feedback.


• We'll save you time, energy and frustration by helping you figure out what is needed and taking care of the entire execution for you.


• A portion of every design service ordered goes toward supporting Fill a Mind & Heart, a non-profit organization helping children in Ethiopia to meet their most basic needs of education, food/milk and medical care.


• We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age or gender.


On a Personal Note


Greta Sebald, founder of Greta Sebald Creative, Inc. and Teeny Peanuts Designs, has been inspired by the entire adoption process and wanted to apply her skills and experience in a way to help others bring their teeny peanut home.


Greta has a biological son and has also gone through the adoption process. She understands the challenges of adoptions, including the emotional ups and downs, the many required steps and forms, the continual test of patience, the frustrations, the possible heartbreaks, the sense of being overwhelmed and the unknown.


At the same time, she remembers the excitement of the anticipation, the opportunity that your family will begin or grow, the gratitude that someone will fulfill your dreams, the happiness of planning for the ultimate homecoming, the visions of holding your teeny peanut for the first time and the ultimate lifelong joy that adoption provides.


While Greta wants to help with the adoption process, she also knows that there aren't many choices to announce the wonderful homecoming of your teeny...or bigger peanut. She wanted to develop a line of adoption coming home announcements for kids of every age, every journey and every starting point.